Lake Nagambie is a lake in Victoria, Australia. The town of Nagambie is on its shores. Stop by to enjoy Lake Nagambie in beautiful, quiet, tranquil and delightful surroundings. The perfect place to stop by for a coffee, a glass of wine, or something to eat!

The lake receives water released from Lake Eildon and diverts it via channels for irrigation. The lake contains redfin to 800g, tench, carp, goldfish, brown trout, rainbow trout, blackfish, golden perch, Australian smelt, flat-headed galaxias and Murray spiny crayfish. Predominant fish caught by anglers are carp, redfin and occasional golden perch.

Water temperature rarely exceeds 20°C during summer because of cold water releases from Lake Eildon.

Goulburn Weir Holiday Units offers guests the opportunity to throw in a line from any part of its waterfrontage, while sitting under the weeping willows reading in a most peaceful and  tranquil setting.